Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Going_Research Work

The Sanctuary to the Mystic_Black Point, RI
Type:        Multi-Faith Investigation
Status:      Concept (unbuilt)
Role:         Lead Designer

This sanctuary, for the local fishing community of Rhode Island is designed to be a multi-faith center for the people who live this common lifestyle.  The project focuses on three important relationships in the life of these people.  The first beginning that relationship with the stars in the night sky.  The constellation of the “Big Dipper” has been created with holes in the concrete ceiling.  The second is the majestic qualities found when beams of sunlight cut though the clouds.  This is achieved with a complex collection of windows at the focus of the main space.  The final and most important is the notion that faith exist “Between Realms” for the people of this lifestyle.  It exists between the danger at sea, and the safety of home.  The understanding of this relationship is accomplished by allowing the ocean tides to enter the sanctuary in order to create a focus to the dialog between the land and water.

Sanctuary Looking into the Mystic

Sanctuary from the rocky shore

Interior of sanctuary space
Floor Plan

Pratt Institute_Research Work

Northern Avenue Bridge Cultural Pavilion and Pier_Boston, MA
Type:    Student Work
Status:  Concept (unbuilt)
Role:     Lead Designer

The Northern Avenue Bridge, Pier & Pavilion is investigation into two types of assemblage.  The first being a study of ways diverse groups of people can assemble together for common relationships.  The project features small individual reflection spaces, commuter reception space, boat dock, open pier gathering space, and a large multi-cultural pavilion.  All of these spaces are designed to embrace the spiritual qualities found in and around the bridge. The way in which this places are physically assembled is the second half of the exploration.  The design process in an investigation into the "Digital Fabrication Loop" This is the process in which prototypes are designed within the computer and then outputted.  The prototype then informs the digital,, where changes are made and outputted again.  The bridge itself most importantly embodies a similar process.  Small components of the bridge are designed and made as part of a larger collection of assemblies, which then form the bridge. The historic swing bridge and the new pier/pavilion together express new and old methods of craft.

Pier and Pavilion Render
Process Models

Exploded Axon Diagram